Saturday, March 26, 2011

Selling Children's Products - New Rules!

If you are selling or planning to sell products in your online business meant for children, you need to be aware of a new law that will take effect December 31, 2011. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has established new tougher rules concerning children's products that may contain lead paint.

In December, manufacturers and distributors of imported children's products will be required to have their products tested for levels of lead paint by an authorized testing lab. As a product is approved the labs will issue a certificate of acceptance. More information is available about this process and their implementation at this CPSC website page. There is also a FAQ page with answers to common questions.

So why is this important to me? You may ask. Well, if you sell or resell children's product's that may contain lead paint to U.S consumers, you may need to show that certificate of acceptance to,, or any other selling website you use in order to continue selling your merchandise. So, a word to the wise -- go check out the website links in this article to see if you will be affected and if so, contact your distributor or the manufacturer to see if they are prepared for these changes.

I have also added a CPSC Recall box on this blog which will allow you to sign up to their email list of notifications. Presently, you cannot sell any item on eBay or Amazon that has been recalled by the CPSC.

Ken, Dr. Ebay

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Events > Rockaway: eBay Fans Networking Meeting > Rockaway , NJ > Daily record

Events > Rockaway: eBay Fans Networking Meeting > Rockaway , NJ > Daily record

If you are in the Rockaway Township area on Monday 11/08/10, come out and join us. Always good coffee and conversation. Click link above for details and directions.

Dr eBay

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Sells on eBay

People always want to know what sells on eBay. The answer is almost everything! Everything from the largest vehicles (think yachts, trucks, jet planes...) to the smallest stone (think diamonds, rubies, pet rocks?...). Some other profitable categories include: anything that people collect, anything that people need or use regularly, new and used clothing, and the list goes on. One way to see what's selling best at any particular day is eBay Pulse. eBay pulse will give you the top 20 times that have sold on eBay that day.

One of my favorite niche categories to sell on eBay is called memorabilia. By memorabilia I mean things that remind people of good times, fun times, often childhood times. For example, as a child did you have a special doll or toy? Maybe you had a Radio Flyer Wagon. These are still made today, but the older models bring big bucks on eBay. Imagine how much fun this man still has with his. Radio Flyer Video

Smile and go find something to sell on eBay.


Friday, October 01, 2010

Checks Again OK on eBay with Paypal

Many eBay members were not happy when eBay decided to no longer allow payment by check. This was part of eBay's efforts to limit many bad checks being received by eBay sellers.

Paypal has just announced a new check payment method now allowed on eBay. It is called 'eCheck'. Any eBay buyer with a Paypal account can now send an eCheck to pay in whole or in part for an item bought on eBay. There is a small $.50 fee.

For those who are not familiar with eChecks, Paypal debits the buyer's checking account and when the echeck clears, Paypal then credits the Seller's account.

So, for those who miss paying by check, you now have an alternative.

Dr eBay

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New eBay Green Box

At eBay's final "eBay on Location" meeting in San Jose a few weeks ago, they announced their creation of a green shipping box. They come in three different sizes. They plan to give away 100,000 of these new boxes beginning sometime in October, 2010.

A green shipping box is not new. I understand that UPS has them already. But eBay's box is rather unique. By design, it is intended to be used 6 times. The box even has an interior design encouraging recipients to save it and use it again. eBay has designed the interior with six panels for each of the six recipients to write a little message to the next person receiving it. If the box does reach the end of it's useful life before the sixth use, of course it is fully recyclable. A great idea!

If you are an eBay seller and would like to receive some of these boxes, make sure you get to the eBay Green Team site and opt-in to email so you will know when they become available.


Combining eBay and YouTube to Increase Your Fan Base

While I'm on this roll of telling you about great places you can learn how to make money on eBay and elsewhere online, I can't overlook one other trusted educator: Jim Cockrum. Jim is best known for his first book The Silent Sales Machine (on eBay). Jim has been around the eBay and online marketing scene for many years and is listed on an independent online Internet Marketing website, as the most trusted Internet marketer/teacher on the Web. I believe that and I didn't need a poll to tell me.

You can read his blog to get a better sense of who he is and what he is about. Although he has many income streams and claims to work just a few days a week for a six figure income, he still says that eBay is one of the best places to make a good living. So, read his blog, get on his newsletter mailing list, and learn. You won't be sorry.

My Silent Team Member

Learning from Online Rockstars

Learning what you need to know to be successful in the online marketplace can be a real challenge. There are many places to get information on succeeding online and at eBay, but as you probably know they are not all equal. There are people selling information on this subject on eBay and through email who aren't worthy of your time. Many offer everything from out and out false information to products that aren't even worth one dollar. However, if you read about it here, I am putting my reputation on the line and you can be sure it is worth every penny.

Another learning site I would like to share is the Online Success Intitute, now known as OSI Rockstars. This site is run by Janelle Elms, a well respected former eBay University teacher. Janelle has created this site with some of the most friendly people I've met online. Besides classes she herself has created, there are many others created by other talented and successful people, many of whom are eBay Top Sellers. There is an annual fee which allows access to all the classes, past, present, and for the length of your membership at no additional cost. Janelle also provides a weekly newsletter for members and many other opportunitiesas well. I highly recommend OSI Rockstars to you. Go visit the site and I think you'll be very impressed.

OSI Rockstar

The eBay Garden

A lot of people are gardening these days. Many people are trying to live a 'greener' lifestyle. Others have been challenged financially by the recession here in the USA and a home garden has been helpful in putting food on the family table. I recently learned that even eBay has a 'garden'.

Learning how to vegetable garden is a little like learning how to make a great website. "Really?" you say. You don't learn to grow vegetables with one try. For most people it takes years until they learn the best way to make compost, choosing the right crops for their climate, getting the best seed, and so much more trial and error. Similarly, for a great website you need graphics, the right hosting company, enticing products or services that will draw regular visitors, and there is SEO, social networking, AdSense, and so much more through trial and error.

eBay has a garden. No, not for vegetables. eBay's garden is for experimenting with new ways to make eBay better and better. This is where the techies tweak this and that. They try out new apps to help buyers and sellers. They work on ideas submitted by the eBay user community. They brainstorm to find better solutions to known problems.

And guess what? They want you to come help them. You can try out their new ideas and fixes for old problems. And you can tell them what you think works and what doesn't. It's a lot of fun! Visit them now and go back often to see what new things they are working on. eBay Garden


Monthly eBay Call on Skype

Recently I blogged about the first anniversary of the Virtual Online Learning site at I can't say enough about Dana Crawford and her VOL website. It is all about learning how to make money in the online world we call eBay. But there are plenty of classes you can take where you can apply what you learn to the online world in general.

One of my most favorite things with VOL is a monthly Skype meeting, hosted by James Kirk Pace. You just call in on for free from anywhere and for a couple of hours you get to speak to others experienced online sellers. Many of them are Powersellers and Top Sellers on eBay. Most of them also sell on other online marketplaces too. You can ask questions or talk about what you are doing and get some feedback and everyone is so friendly.

Hope to see you there. Just visit them at VOL.

Lifetime VOL Menber

eBay Fifteen Year Anniversary

eBay just celebrated their fifteen year anniversary a few weeks ago. Many of you know that eBay was started by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. It was originally known as AuctionWeb and was just one of Pierre's websites in his business. The nam was later changed to eBay. Did you also know that the first item sold on eBay by Pierre was a broken laser pointer which sold for $14.83.

Well, we've come a long way since then. I've been active on eBay since the year 2002 and so much has happened since then. The Internet continues to change almost daily it seems. And eBay keeps evolving and getting better to in order to keep up with the Internet and the ever changing marketplaces thereon.

As a celebration of eBay's fifteen years, I encourage you to tell us about the best thing you ever bought or sold on eBay. Just leave a comment below.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virtual Online Learning One Year Anniversary Party

Danna Crawford's Virtual Online Learning will be celebrating it's one year anniversary tomorrow, July 16, 2010. The huge virtual anniversary party will be held on BlogSpotRadio beginning at 8PM and running until 10PM EDT.

If you don't know Danna, she is one of the best of the best on eBay. You may know her better as Powersellingmom. Everyone is invited to the party. There is no charge and you don't have to join anything. Come join us all and have some fun and you may even learn something too.

So come join in the fun. Go to BlogSpotRadio and sign up now so you'll be ready when the party starts. You can win some fantastic prizes. You can participate in the chat and hear from surprise guests. See you there!

Dr. eBay

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Apps to Help Your eBay Selling

Apps are everywhere it seems. The tech world is in love with apps. This word 'apps' is short for 'applications' or an older term, 'application programs'. Apps are on your iPhone, or your Droid (Android), the iPod Touch, etc. Did you know that if you sell on eBay that eBay has apps too! Also, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, all have apps. In general, the apps we are talking about are created (written) by third parties, not the owner of the website or device.

Let's focus in this blog post about the apps on eBay. eBay apps are there to help you have a more productive selling or buying experience on eBay. Like apps on Smart Phones and elsewhere, some are free, some are not. There are apps for eBay, Twitter, and other websites that you have to find through word-of-mouth or by searching the web. But the apps we're talking about are found right within eBay.

To see all the third party apps available on eBay you have to go to the Apps Center. There are places on eBay to find a link to the Apps Center including the full explanation on using it in the Help Menu. If your Seller account is set up you should also see a link to the apps center in your My eBay in the upper left next to Activity/Messages/Account. Once you get to the Apps Center, I suggest you make it a Favorite or Bookmark in your browser. Note: there are some eBay-provided features that I would also call Apps. They can be found in My eBay in the link called Subscriptions.

In the Apps Center you will see that the apps are divided into several categories, namely:
In addition, you will find a list of the latest, newest apps and a list of the most popular apps. Start browsing. You are bound to find a few to interest you and make your selling life on eBay easier. One of my favorites is Shipsaver. They provide shipping insurance considerably cheaper than USPS and it's connected right to your My eBay page. I love it. See what you can find to help make your selling tasks easier.

Dr. eBay